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Ka Huna Massage

ka huna massage

Ka Huna Bodywork, also known as Hawaiian Temple Massage and Lomi Lomi, was originally performed by the Ka Hunas, the masters of this ancient and sacred tradition.  It was used during rights of passage, as a transformational massage and healing system.

The Bodyworker's fluid rhythm and touch encourages the receiver to let go of stress and fatigue, allowing the body, mind, soul to connect and balance.  It is deeply relaxing and wonderfully invigorating.

The depth and strength varies to suit each individual's needs, from a remedial restorative treatment to a gentle nurturing touch.

Ka Huna Bodywork Fees

1 HR Session


1.5 HR Session


2 HR Session


Within the Ka Huna style, many techniques are available.  These include:

ka huna massage

Flowing relaxation massage

ka huna massage

Lymphatic Drainage

ka huna massage

Structural Balancing & Stretching (floorwork)

ka huna massage

Pregnancy Massage

ka huna massage

Deep tissue massage

Our tables are specially designed for comfort during pregnancy
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